Stepping Into Conscious Leadership

How will it feel when you lead with deep purpose? 

This 3 month leadership coaching programme, integrates both 121 and group coaching in a practical, live environment. Tapping into deep purpose and introducing conscious methods whilst building an understanding of coaching as a practice. You will take away with you, a clear view of who you want to be as a leader and some effective models that can be easily implemented to support you in coaching and leadership moving forward.

Imagine your own increased motivation and productivity when you are leading in a way that is deeply aligned to your values and purpose. Can you envisage leading in a calm and competent way, generating honest conversations with your team, driving accountability and building a courageous and autonomous environment?

Working with humans we have a desire to connect, and we need to feel that what we are doing really matters, imagine a deeper level of trust and respect in your team or business where everyone feels secure and nurtured?

Focusing on the awareness of ourselves and creating a growth mindset enables you to lead with intention and make conscious decisions. This all has a direct positive impact on quality and is where you will start to see the magic happen.

But the problem is. . .


You are currently working or managing in a way that isn’t truly aligned to your values and natural approach

You are constantly putting out fires or reacting to situations

You are time poor, spreading yourself thin across everything

People and processes aren’t working together cohesively, and performance is suffering because of it

Everyone is different and needs you in a different way 

What you really want is…

An opportunity to tap into your deep purpose and human design and make conscious decisions every day. A chance to lead in a way that feels naturally aligned to you and who you want to be as a leader.

To work with your people and coach them in a way that helps them to grow and develop. An ability to recognise the space that each person in your team is operating from and understand what is needed to support them to peak performance.

Finally, the space for you to reflect, master your true alignment and create your own personal goals for growth.

Work with me to:

Uncover your deep purpose and identify who you choose to be as a leader
Enhance your listening skills and learn the key fundamentals of coaching to implement immediately
Develop the freedom and space to reflect and consider what changes you want to make in order to make more mindful and conscious decisions as a leader

Lead with a focus on intention as well as impact

Connect and communicate effectively with your people, enhancing motivation, performance and retention

Build an empowered team that are engaged and productive

My passion is people and purpose.

I know personally that operating from a place of purpose brings positivity, happiness and reward, for you and those around you.

Over the years I have strategised for business growth, built new teams, re-structured teams, spotted talent, coached leaders and most importantly invested in my own growth so that I can be the best coach and leader possible. I am honoured to work with others who wish to do the same and create amazing people focused businesses.

“Sarah’s strategic nous can fortify and nurture the business architecture of any start up or scale up from where it’s roots; it’s people.”

Georgia Barretta - Founder, Lovechild.London

What’s included?

6 Group Workshops

Where we will work through all of the following:

Defining your purpose as a leader, an introduction to coaching and conscious leadership, enhancing team performance, appreciative inquiry VS problem solving in leadership and a final session around implementation

Interactive Sessions

Each workshop is different, there are creative elements that involve you getting your hands dirty, live coaching sessions that will see you implement your learning and practise, and some interactive sessions

Personalised 121 Coaching

Work with me 121 via Zoom for personalised coaching

You can lead in a way that is aligned to you and your values and purpose.

You can lead with integrity and trust and build a deep level of respect with your team.

Through conscious leadership you can increase motivation and productivity, in turn increasing retention.

Having happy, healthy, focused people is a key contributor to creating more opportunity, bringing in new clients and attracting and securing amazing talent for your team.

With a high performing, empowered team, you too can have it all.

The work life balance, more time for personal growth and a deeper purpose behind what you are building.

Ready to get started?

Please get in touch by booking a call below to discuss how I can support you on your leadership journey.

If you are a business, I can run group sessions for your whole leadership team.

If you are an individual, you can join my next group cohort starting in January.


Can this session be booked for a whole leadership team?

Yes, I work with businesses and will always look to ensure that the workshops are suited to different levels of leadership

Can I do this course if I am the only leader in my business looking for this type of coaching?

Absolutely, you can join us on a group cohort where you will get the opportunity to work with other leaders from other businesses.

How long does the course take?

For corporate businesses you can choose whether the course runs for 3 or 6 months. Workshops will either consist of 6x 1/2 days or 3x full days. Either way each leader will gain access to 3x 1 hour coaching sessions each, spread across whichever time frame you choose.