Who do you want to be as a leader?

We owe it to ourselves to invest in our own personal development and growth. Not just as leaders but as business owners, colleagues, friends, partners, parents…

As a business leader I am courageous, as a trainer I aim to inspire and as a coach I am all about empowerment.

When we lead consciously with a focus on coaching and development we not only work on ourselves in the process but we have the ability to support our people’s fundamental needs as humans. A truly bespoke, personalised approach to leadership which increases motivation, enhances productivity and improves retention.

Join me on a journey to uncover your true purpose, develop your coaching skills and become a conscious leader.

Hi, I’m Sarah James!

Coach, Trainer and Disability Inclusion Business Leader

I work with my clients to identify the changes that they need to go through to become and develop conscious leaders in their business. To increase retention, drive team performance and in turn grow a life full of health, wealth and happiness for yourself, leading from a place of purpose.

I have trained, coached and mentored 100’s of people over the last decade, and I have built teams in recruitment, marketing, digital, creative and advertising businesses. I am experienced in sales, people management and development, business strategy and transformation at board level and executive coaching.

Working with my own personal coach, investing in my own personal development and taking on my coaching accreditation really enabled me to reflect back on my journey into leadership.

It was at that point I realised a few things. . .

There was a period of time in my leadership journey where I know I was not the best version of myself. I was conforming to my surroundings, and I was very much a product of my environment.

Looking back, I was not true to my values or my own beliefs around leadership and in all honesty I did not truly know or understand what coaching was.

The lessons that I took from this fuelled my desire to align to my values and become a purpose led, people focused, conscious leader.

Now by sharing my experiences and knowledge, whilst working closely with people to develop their own coaching capabilities the impact of my work is bigger and that is what I am here for. Big impact in a purpose led way. 




Now I lead with deep purpose, curiosity and intent and I invite my clients to come on this journey with me.

I am a teacher, a provider and a facilitator of growth in leadership.

I work in partnership with my clients to create the space for personal growth, balance and wellbeing, so that you can live and breathe as a conscious leader. Enabling you to inspire and empower your team to grow with your business. A people focused approach that drives happiness, high performance and a growing reach for positive impact.

I coach executives on a 121 basis, or you can join me through one of my core coaching programmes to get access to a host of fantastic tools and insights. ‘Start-up to soar’ is for business leaders that are in the early launch stages of their purpose led business. ‘Step back to scale your business’ is for business owners who want to grow and create balance without reaching burnout and, ‘Stepping into conscious leadership’ is a coaching and learning programme for both current and future leaders.

I am a coach, trainer and purpose led business leader.

I work with my clients to identify the changes that they need to go through to become and develop conscious leaders in their business.

Stepping in to Conscious Leadership

A 3 month workshop led coaching programme for current and future leaders.

Find your purpose, expand your self-awareness and develop your coaching skills to make an intentional step into conscious leadership.

Step Back to Scale Your Business

A 6-month executive and business coaching programme to help you grow your business AND create balance, avoiding burnout.

This one is for all of the tired and stretched business leaders who want to step back and scale their business.

Start Up to Soar

A bespoke coaching programme for purpose led start-up business owners, in the founding, launch or early phase stage. 

Tap into your purpose, define your audience and outreach and set transformational goals to help your business soar.