Step Back to Scale Your Business

Imagine switching off at the end of the day. Evenings, holidays and days off where you can be truly present with the people you love and choose to share your adventures with. Sleeping soundly at night, excited about what the next day in your business has to offer.

Visualise a team that takes accountability to overcome challenges, looks for solutions and are continually moving towards a joint vision. Empowered, loyal, and growing; personally, professionally and in size.

Think about a future where you can work less and experience more.

It is hard to visualise this when:


You are wearing multiple hats as a business owner / CEO / MD / Manager


You are time poor and too stretched to proactively think about how to get to the future you want for your business


You are lacking a succession plan and / or management structure which makes it difficult to share responsibilities.


You are in a constant reactive state of mind, that means you don’t have the capacity to make conscious decisions


People and processes aren’t working together cohesively, and work and projects are suffering because of it

What you really want is…

An empowered team that you trust to make decisions AND mistakes but learn from them together.

A skilled group of people with shared passion and responsibility for the business vision, who show up every day to achieve their own objectives and work together to reach the business goals.

Enabling you to focus some time on yourself, what you love doing and the next goal or big dream.

I can help!

Through working with me you will:


Create a balanced approach to life through purpose; delivering health, wealth and happiness

Build a clearer vision of the future of your business and a plan of how to get there
Grow your business and succession plan to give you back the luxury of time
Develop the freedom to make more mindful and conscious decisions as a leader
Connect and communicate effectively with your employees and management team, enhancing retention
Build an empowered environment to drive autonomy and an opportunity to delegate more

My passion is people and purpose.

I know personally that operating from a place of purpose brings positivity, happiness and reward, both for you and those around you.

Over the years I have strategised for business growth, built new teams, re-structured teams, spotted talent, coached leaders and most importantly invested in my own growth so that I can be the best coach and leader possible. I am honoured to work with others who wish to do the same and create amazing people focused businesses.

“Sarah James has the energetic vision to transform any type of business, be it big or small, global or local into a thriving nest of professional and uber talented people. Her human strategies are exemplary.”
Nick Tsolkas - The Cafe Agency

What’s included?

121 Executive Coaching

Define purpose, business and personal goals to deliver a balanced lifestyle of health, wealth and happiness

Business Strategy Session

Bringing purpose and vision together with crystal clear objectives

Internal Skills Analysis

Assess current talent, spot under-utilised skills, uncover future leaders and expose any skill gaps in your business

Leadership & Senior Management Vision Workshop

Cohesively develop your business vision, refine processes, communication routes and assign responsibilities within your senior management team

Employer Value Proposition

Define an attractive and purpose led benefits package, supported by a strategy to attract passive talent and an inclusive hiring process to secure the best for your business

Strategic Hiring Plan Delivery

Identify future hiring requirements and skills needed to support your business growth, with support in finding diverse talent

Imagine. . .

Leading with integrity and trust and build a deep level of respect with your team. Through conscious leadership you can increase motivation and productivity, increasing retention.

What is on the inside shines out. Happy, healthy, focused people internally attracts; new business, new clients and fresh new talent.

With a high performing, empowered team, you too can have it all. The work life balance, more time for adventures and experiences with loved ones and a deeper purpose behind what you are building.


“As a values-led agency, working with people who understand our ethics and approach is vital. At a crucial moment in our development, Sarah helped us pull together a strong, competitive, and values-led approach to our growing team.

We now also have a brilliant Employer Value Proposition, onboarding process and benefits package, that are already delivering benefits across the business, as our new joiners settle smoothly into our team.

We had all the ingredients, but Sarah’s sessions on our why and purpose helped us delve a little deeper. The outputs we’ve got from Sarah’s work with us have been big picture, but also incredibly practical and we’ve put them to work straight away.”

Jaz Cummins - Director, Empower

Let’s get started!

Please get in touch to discuss how I can support yourself and your business.

I have only 2 spaces available to start “Step Back to Scale Your Business” between now and the end of the year.

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How long does the programme take?

On average ‘Step back to scale up’ takes 6 months. It can be done quicker, it just depends on your availability as a business owner and leader,  senior management and leadership teams as well as how quickly you are able to action outputs of the sessions.

Can I pay for the programme monthly?

Yes we offer a full payment package or a monthly payment package.

Do you offer a leadership coaching programme?

Yes we offer a comprehensive leadership programme. Please see ‘Stepping Into Conscious Leadership.’