Why is conscious leadership important now more than ever?


Well first of all, what is conscious leadership?

My journey into leadership led me to develop my own views on conscious leadership independently but it is indeed a style. Since I am an inquisitive being, I have found myself learning more and more about the differences between conscious and unconscious leadership styles and also how human design interacts with this (will save that for another blog).

Conscious leadership is being constantly curious, and purpose led in every action taken. Taking ultimate responsibility, listening to your team and trying new things together without the sole focus on the result. That way you’ll learn from everything you do and pave the way for others to do the same.

Appreciating everyone you work with whilst appreciating the need for balance in your own life, in order to be a great role model.

Being honest, doing what you say and being an ally to all.

Unconscious leaders tend to be reactional and lead on instinct, but they aren’t always right, and results don’t tend to be long term.

Unconscious leaders have their methods already, and they don’t want to learn anything new. Their focus is head down and proving that their way is correct.

They are not always accountable, and this doesn’t necessarily create an environment for growth and generally breeds a blame game when things don’t go well.

This approach to leadership creates further worry, stress and anxiety for their team. Not good at any time but definitely not when there are so many other unstable and uncertain factors out of our control, in the outside world.

So why is conscious leadership important now more than ever?

Well, there was a time when leaders were required to motivate their people through fear and extrinsic rewards and let’s face it, the impact of this on performance and mental health of the leaders and their team, was just not sustainable. Unfortunately, this wasn’t actually a time, it does still exist, but it doesn’t have to.

If you have a business or a team, you have responsibility. It is time to take hold of that responsibility in an empowered and positive way in order to steer your people through uncertainty.

In the past 2 years we have seen a global pandemic, a huge increase in the cost of living, and now a recession. Every single person in your business or team, will have been, or will be impacted by these events in a different way. As I am sure you have.

As I said earlier, conscious leaders are open, they listen and take responsibility. They truly care about finding the best resolutions with their team.

This leadership style and focus creates a protective and nurturing bubble around your team, taking them on a growth journey with you. You are essentially creating a safe space for them to be their true self, experiment, fail (first attempt in learning), reflect and develop.

Having a team culture built on trust and respect and showing your appreciation as a leader when there is uncertainty in the world around us, is a fail-safe way to keep everyone working together and focused on the common goal/vision.

Businesses are not doomed to fail because of a recession, but they may fail because of an unconscious leader.

There are more multi-million-pound businesses created in a recession than any other economy. Create a successful, people first business that you can be proud of and lead with purpose.

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Hi, I’m Sarah James - Coach, Trainer and Disability Inclusion Business Leader. I work with my clients to identify the changes that they need to go through to become and develop conscious leaders in their business. To increase retention, drive efficiency and in turn grow a life full of health, wealth and happiness.